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Daily Speech Exercises For Actors

Speech is incredibly important. Without it, we cannot make ourselves understood and we cannot communicate effectively (unless you’re really really good at playing charades). Good speech is even more important for actors than for the rest of the populace; your voice and your speech is your tool to show off your character. If you are struggling with enunciating certain words or sounds, try a few of these daily exercises:

  • Make My Mawkish Mother Meet Moody. This one concentrates on the M sounds, which can be easily confused for Ns if you do not take care to sound them properly.

  • Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers. A great exercise for incorporating B into your daily speech, this one will help you sound out that letter - and it’s quite fun to say too!

  • The Theme Is There For Them. If you are one of those people who pronounce TH as V or F, then you really should try this exercise. It’s less lazy to sound those THs, as my parents always grilled into me.

  • Round The Rugged Rocks The Ragged Rascal Ran. Remember this one from primary school? It’s a good exercise to get your Rs rounded and not let them slip into Ws.

  • Are You Speedy? This sentence will sound like something completely different unless you get all the sounds right.

  • Really Larry? Try this exercise as another one to get your Rs sorted out from your other letters.

  • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. This is a good exercise is quickly switching from one consonant to another. Try saying it really fast, repeatedly, when you’re drunk. Instant hilarity.

  • Good Blood Bad Blood. This is another good one for slipping into different consonants quickly. See how often you can say it before you start adding Ls to words that don’t need them!

  • Four Furious Friends Fought For The Phone. An exercise in F sounds - even though it’s an unlikely scenario these days when everyone and his dog has their own phone.

  • James Just Jostled Jean Gently. This is great for getting your tongue around J sounds.

  • Literally Literary. A good one for learning to take your time when you enunciate; you have to really watch it with these words which can easily be pronounced the same if you don’t watch it.

  • Quick Kiss. Quicker Kiss. Quickest Kiss. Q sounds can be tricky and it’s easy to sound them like K. Change that with this little ditty.

Good diction is not an exercises in sounding posh. It is great fro your acting career as it will help you to sound your words out so well that the whole audience will be able to hear, and understand your speech. Without good diction small details can be lost as words blur into each other. Go away and practise - and don’t worry that you sound like an idiot. You probably do, but it’s helping your career.