March 3, 2018


For you to tell whether your prospective acting teacher is fake or genuine, there are some signs that you need to look for. The signs will enable you to differentiate between a fraudster and a credible acting coach. The following are ten signs that you should look for in your prospective acting teacher.

ONE: Credibility- your acting teacher should have a traceable history. For an acting teacher to be credible, they should have trained at credible theatre institutions; that usually means drama school or an acting conservatory if it is in the UK, and not usually a university. Formal qualifications and professional experience would also help

TWO: Guarantees- A genuine and good acting teacher should not make you any promises and guarantees about your future, fortune and fame. As much as they whole-heartedly believe in the content they offer you and they are very sure that their way works, they should avoid promises and guarantees.

THREE: Reference- your prospective acting teacher should be in a position to provide you with names of students who are willing to provide the reference. He should also provide you with testimonials from people who are active workers in the acting business.

FOUR: Impractical- In case you have a strange sensation that you are being asked to do ridiculous things, just after you have signed up for a couple of days, seek an explanation from your acting teacher. Give it an extra month if they give a convincing explanation, if they do not, don’t waste your time there.

FIVE: Google Test- If you want to find out about your acting teacher instantly, use Google to search for that teacher and read the results.

SIX: Online Acting Lessons- you can find online classes that are offered by acting coaches. Actor training basically requires a connection between a student and a teacher.

SEVEN: Big Money- Expect to pay upfront by PayPal, cheque or other payment methods if you are signing up for a class. If you feel what you are paying for does not commensurate what you are getting, maybe reconsider your decision.

EIGHT: Mail Bomb- sometimes you sign up to their website newsletter and what they do is to send you multiple emails meant to lure you into signing up for a very expensive course that they offer. That means that they are not genuine online acting teachers.

NINE: Off the Topic- If it comes to your notice that the acting class is more of a discussion of irrelevant matters than a practical class; you should know that you are at a wrong place. A good acting teacher should teach you and only engage you in a discussion that is relevant to the course.

TEN: Living Room Studio- As much as there are private acting teachers who use their homes, but they should teach their acting classes in a well-organized and tidy room.

The above signs should put you in a better position to determine a good potential acting teacher who will provide you with the acting skills that you deserve. They will also help you to avoid fake acting teachers who won't deliver on their promises.



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