Types of Acting Classes in Glasgow

February 18, 2018

 Throughout Glasgow and Scotland, there are all sorts of types of acting classes. What are they and how can you get involved?


Weekly Acting Classes

Usually held once per week at a theatre or acting studio. Often open to anyone with no audition to get in. This type of acting class would include things like voice, improv, scene work and of course - performance. Sometimes you can feel like these classes are only filled with games and exercises without enough performing - so watch out for this if you're not just after a fun distraction but actual acting classes with real actor training involved. If you're looking for this kind of weekly acting class in Glasgow - you should head here


Weekend Acting Courses

This type of acting course is usually for people that can't commit to a weekly class or are coming to an acting course in Glasgow from outside of Scotland. Usually this type of class is a contained course over the whole weekend with usually hours like 11-6 or 7. Weekend acting courses are available at all levels from beginners acting courses right up to the weekend acting courses for existing professionals. If you're looking for a weekend acting course - here's our suggestion. 


Drama Classes

Drama classes tend to be purely for fun. Whereas acting classes are about learning to act, drama classes are usually about learning through drama. These are no better or worse than acting classes, it all depends on what you are looking for. If you want confidence or to improve social skills, then drama classes might be more for you. 


Acting Workshops

Acting Workshops tend to be one-off occasions. However, acting workshop is another word for acting course or acting class - so it's often difficult to tell the difference between these types of acting course. One off courses can cover auditioning, voice and accent, acting for camera skills, commedia, mask work, movement and physical theatre. 


Acting Masterclasses

Acting Masterclasses tend to be with specialist experts or high level professionals. They are generally pitched at professional actors with existing skills and training who are looking to take their professional practise to a higher level. Masterclasses might be in voice and dialect, acting for camera or other professional skills like auditioning. 


Intensive Acting Courses

Acting courses like this can be all weekend, week long, fortnightly in length or perhaps even a year long intensive acting course too. 


If you're looking for acting course and classes in Glasgow, you can find Weekend Intensive Acting Courses, Weekly Acting Classes and Intensive One Year Acting Courses at Acting Coach Scotland. 



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