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Is it too late to become an actor?

Does an acting career have an age restriction? I'm I too old to get into acting? These are some of the questions that people, especially those who have advanced in their age ask about acting. The truth of the matter is that acting, unlike other careers does not have an age limit. You can get into it even in your advanced age. Sparing some hours of your day to attend acting classes can propel your career to the next level regardless of the age factor.

“I wish I would have started acting during my prime years,” This is a common statement that aspiring actors like using whenever they are presented with an opportunity to become actors. Of course, you’d have become a better actor if you had started out while still young. However, this does not mean that you can’t unlock the opportunities in this career while in your 60s or even 70s. It is only the number of years that have changed. Otherwise, you are still the same or even a better person than you were several years back.

Better learner with age

The many years that you have been on earth have moulded you. You can grab a concept faster than you would have done when young. This means that the acting classes will be more fruitful and enjoyable. Even though you may not have as much energy as before, your levels of maturity can make you a better actor. In fact, your age will come in handy in helping you make wise decisions.

Settled and focused

Another thing that comes with age is the ability to focus on your goals. Once you decide to pursue a career in acting at your old age, you won’t be distracted by many factors like young actors. Let’s assume that once you are in your 60s, you are done with school, your investments are running, and probably your children are grown up. At this time of life, you are not under pressure to do anything or make a career decision. You can dedicate all your time and energy into acting and still live a comfortable life.

Higher chances of success with maturity

There is a high chance of enjoying lucrative benefits that come with acting when you are older. One reason is that at this age, there is less competition from your peers. This makes you unique among your peers. You can even get into acting while at 50 and win copious accolades by the time you hit 60 years old. At the same time, you can start acting while 20 and earn nothing till you reach 40. This means that age should not be a barrier.

Examples of actors who have succeeded later in their lives

1. Christopher Waltz: He got into acting when he was 51. Two years down the line, he scooped two Oscar awards.

2. Kathryn Joosten: Kathryn got into acting at 56 and had no prior experience in the industry. Surprisingly, she won two Emmy awards outshining her competitors who had been in the industry for decades.

3. Michael Emmerson: Started acting when he was 46 years old and still went ahead to win two Emmy awards.

These and many other examples out there should inspire you to get into acting. Do not be discouraged by your age.

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