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Should I Bring My CV/Headshot to the Audition?

The short answer is Yes. And although almost everything is done online these days through email, you can imagine that a busy casting office can easily lose sight of your CV/Resume and Headshot.

It's true that most people won't take one. It's true that you might not be asked. The distinction there is that if someone does ask you for yours, you'll always have it.

Plus, if they are asking you - it means they are probably interested. This is a matter of preparation. It's better to be prepared and have them never ask. It's better to be prepared and never need to call upon your preparation. It's better to be ready than to look foolish or miss out on an opportunity.

Being over prepared never hurt anyone.

Take the CV/Resume, take the headshot. Keep them in your bag if you wish.

Consider this sentence - "I'm sorry I thought my agent sent one to you." Compared to:

"Oh sure, I'm sorry, I thought my agent sent one to you - here it is."

And please make sure it's not some horrible crumpled mess. It's like handing them a dirty tissue.

Print a CV/Resume. Staple it to your headshot.