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We're guessing you've tried every acting class in Glasgow and beyond. Or you’ve always wanted to give acting a real go, but life or a lack of confidence got in the way.

Maybe you were afraid to try it because of what people might say, or in case you discovered you were no good at it. You think you’re too old. You think you don’t have enough experience.

You just want to try it out, it’s been a lifelong desire that just never happened - and now you’re regretting it. You’re thinking about it as a career, or perhaps as a hobby for your precious spare time.

  • Anyone can explore acting at Acting Coach Scotland, because our classes are tailored directly to each student’s needs.

Or you could keep dreaming and put it off for another few years.

  • Give us 8 weeks and you'll be hooked on Acting for life.

"Mark’s classes are relaxed and very enjoyable. The small number of people in each class ensures everyone gets personal attention and Mark’s patience and obvious passion for the technique make each class an exciting and inspirational experience.  I am feeling more inspired and excited about my craft than I have in a long time." KARLI EVANS

From Beginner to Oscar Winner


  • Only those who grew up acting, went to acting school and can commit their entire lives to acting can enjoy acting classes. WRONG!

In our Stage 1 Introduction to Acting Class you'll join the thousands of people who've come to us to enjoy acting as a hobby, a place to express their creativity and as a potential future career. 

  • Traditional drama and acting classes waste hours of time on games and exercises which are fun at the time, but never real teach people the acting skills they need. ​

In Stage 1, you'll experience real acting lessons but without wasting your time and money on flowery nonsense. 


  • Receive an exciting introduction to the basics of acting technique

  • Gain confidence in yourself and in front of others

  • Meet new people with a similar interest

  • Explore acting as a hobby or as a possible career

  • Learn how to analyse a scene professionally

  • Discover how to deliver believable performances that are compelling

  • Explore our unique acting technique in a fun, friendly and safe environment

  • Build rapport and chemistry with other actors on stage and screen

  • Learn a new vocabulary of acting: that allows you to communicate with other actors and creatives

  • Develop memorisation and line learning skills

  • Discover the tools and techniques that professional actors use to create compelling performances. 

  • Act in scenes every week 

  • Explore the technique of Practical Aesthetics.

We've been doing this in Glasgow for the past 10 years. We're all working actors, directors, producers and writers. We love acting, we know you will too.

  • We have Weekly, 2-Day Weekend Intensive and Professional Weekly Classes running throughout the year. 

All you have to do is pick the one that suits you. 

"I have been going to ACS for over 2 years, now have an agent, credits and a spotlight registration all thanks to ACS… JOHN WALKER GRAY


Acting Coach Scotland (ACS) was founded in 2008 by Mark Westbrook, a theatre director, writer and acting coach who trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Atlantic Theatre Company's Acting School in New York. Mark is an award winning director and film producer. 

In 2015, Mark was joined by Nick J Field (picture right), a graduate of East 15 Acting School, an experienced actor and producer, who left the National Theatre of Scotland to help develop ACS into the successful studio it is today. Nick is an award winning theatre and film producer. 

Mark and Nick work hard to make the Studio a place where anyone can come and learn the skills of acting. They make no promises about success, but they will support you in your dreams, offering advice, mentoring, actor training and experience. 

Nick and Mark aren't here for the money. 

Nick and Mark are joined by Haley, who administrates the company, and Tharan (pictured right) and Olivia, who help to teach the full and part-time classes and courses at ACS. 

Our NO-BULLSHIT Money-Back Guarantee

All our STAGE 1 Acting Courses come with a 100% money-back guarantee. 

We're so confident that you'll enjoy our classes, we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you're unhappy with our acting classes, we'll just refund you. 

Just to be clear, we've been running this class for 10 years , and we've never had to issue a single refund request. 

But if you happen to be the first, don't hesitate, just give us a call on 0141 4401272, and ask us to refund your money right away

You'll get your money right back. No forms, no questions to answer, nothing. 

Could you rip us off? Sure! But we'd rather have faith in humanity than doubt in you. 

Your Hard-Earned money is 100% safe and protected. 


Govan Workspace, 6 Harmony Row, Glasgow G51 3BA, UK

0141 440 1272


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0141 440 1272

Govan Workspace, 6 Harmony Row, Glasgow G51 3BA, UK

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